Tory Inaction on Brexit Planning a Huge Threat to Science Sector

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Thursday July 19 2018

Member of the Westminster Science and Technology Select Committee Carol Monaghan MP (pictured) has said that with Brexit on the horizon it is ‘absolutely essential ‘ for the UK to have an immigration system that allows the science sector to prosper.

Carol Monaghan has said that the report from her Committee makes sensible and workable proposals to ensure the UK can maintain the vital science - technology and innovation sector in the reality of ‘Tory inaction’ on Brexit planning.

The Committee’s report out today (Thursday) proposes a new immigration system for skilled workers post-Brexit and is calling for visa free travel and permit-free work in the UK for short-term stays for skilled workers, a relaxation of Tier-1 requirements and the removal of the Tier-2 visa cap.

Carol Monaghan MP commented:

‘’The world-leading science and innovation sector of the Scottish and UK economies is under threat from a hard Brexit.

“The total inaction and lack of planning or solutions for the future from the Tory government must be addressed and the Committee is a calling for more clarity – urgently.

‘’As part of that it is absolutely essential that the UK has an immigration system that allows mobility and movement for the science and innovation community.

“The committee is calling for visa free travel – different work permit arrangements and removal of visa caps so that damage to this vital sector by this chaotic Brexit is kept to a minimum.

‘’We are no further forward in any information from the UK government about how the system will work following Brexit – and that is deeply damaging.

“With our sensible and workable proposals – the Committee has outlined a sustainable and enforceable system of immigration and ensures that the UK can maintain its leading role as a centre for science and innovation excellence.’’



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