Survey Scheduled for Damaged Portknockie to Cullen Cycleway and Footpath

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Monday June 11 2018

A survey of the damaged cycleway and footpath between Portknockie and Cullen will begin next month.

The path was closed in November following a landslip and Moray Council has been working in partnership with Sustrans to resolve this issue.

Sustrans have arranged a survey to assess what remedial works will be required to re-open the route, which should commence in July, with the results from the survey being available later in the summer.

It’s anticipated that a temporary repair could be in place by late August, with the bulk of the follow-up repair works carried out by the end of the financial year, depending on the findings of the survey.

Moray Council will continue to work with Sustrans throughout the process.



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