Software Sector on Cloud Nine as Jobs Nearly Double in Last Decade

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Sunday May 13 2018

Scottish Government investment of nearly £28 million in the software sector has contributed to a jobs boom in the industry, latest statistics can reveal.

The number of software enterprises registered in Scotland has increased by over 90% since the SNP came to power in 2007 – meaning that there are now around 42,500 people employed in the software and electronic publishing sectors following years of sustained support from the SNP Scottish Government.

The highly skilled jobs in the tech sector that this investment supports is allowing Scotland’s economy to adapt and develop to be fit for the challenges of an increasingly digital age – and the Scottish Government continues to invest to encourage more people, particularly women, into developing skills in STEM subjects at university level, giving them the ability to support this burgeoning industry for decades to come, as well as through the STEM Strategy published last year.

Commenting Mairi Gougeon MSP (pictured) said:

“These figures show what a positive role the Scottish Government is playing in supporting Scotland’s modern economy.

“Since the SNP came to power, we have seen a 90% increase in the number of software and electronic publishing firms registered in Scotland – in no small part thanks to the SNP’s policies to support new, small businesses and the multi-million-pound investment in the sector.

“We have invested nearly £28 million over the last five years, helping new firms get up and running and supporting those already leading the way – as well as publishing a ground-breaking STEM Strategy to help support this key sector.

“Not only that, this sector is a major employer right across the country, with over 42,000 people working in the industry.

“This proves the Scottish Government’s commitment to developing and supporting Scotland’s new economy, both now and in the future – giving us the skills and expertise to build a strong, modern economy for decades to come.”



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