Spain's Extradition of Catalan Independence Minister

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Friday April 13 2018

Spain's extradition of Catalan Independence minister from Scotland under European Arrest Warrant is same sleekit anti-independence tactic used by UK against Gandhi and India.

Following the court hearing in Edinburgh, Mark R Whittet (LLB, BA) (pictured) leader of Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party, said:

“Although SNP leader and Scot-Govt First Minister Sturgeon cannot legally intervene in Spain’s anti-democratic European Arrest Warrant against Catalan Independence leader Carla Ponsati, Sturgeon should nevertheless publicly denounce Spain for oppressing the Catalan independence mandate.

“Nicola Sturgeon should now – like Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party -  draw the very clear parallel conclusion with Westminster’s delaying tactic in preventing Scotland from holding the Brexit-changed Scottish Independence Referendum-2, which also illegally denies the Scottish Independence mandate held by the Scottish parliament.

“The democratic right of people to express their wish for Independence is recognised by the United Nations and – when, it suits Westminster, the British government also recognises this right (such as for Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands).

“Similarly, the silence by the London-based, British Unionist parties – Liberals, Labour and Tories - whether in Scotland or at Westminster – is equally stunning. Democracy comes before party interest.”



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