Nominations Close for SNP Depute Leader

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Friday April 13 2018

Nominations for the Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party have closed, with three candidates in the running for the role: Keith Brown, Julie Hepburn and Chris McEleny.

Around 100,000 SNP members will qualify to be sent ballot papers and asked to rank candidates in order of preference under the single transferable vote system.

There will be ten regional hustings around the country before the ballot starts on 18 May.

Most votes will be cast online by the closing date, 8 June.

The winner will be announced at the start of the SNP conference in Aberdeen on 8 June.

SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“We have three great candidates for the role.

“This election provides us with the opportunity to take stock of our achievements, refocus our efforts and refresh our agenda.

“Amid the chaos and catastrophe at Westminster, this is a time for us to focus on hope and our ambition for Scotland.

“The SNP in government remains determined to deliver progressive policies for the people of Scotland.

“Our party holds true to a vision for Scotland of an inclusive, fair, prosperous, innovative country that is ready and willing to embrace the future.

“The new Depute Leader has a vital role to play, supporting Nicola Sturgeon and spearheading our policy agenda for the years ahead.”



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