Tory Government Threatening Renewables Progress

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Wednesday March 14 2018

Derek Mackay (pictured) has called out the Tories for putting Scottish jobs at risk and standing in the way of climate change progress, following the news that renewables company Gaia-Wind is going into provisional liquidation.

World leading manufacturer of small wind turbines Gaia-Wind has blamed Westminster cuts to tariff support for small-scale renewables, compounded by similar moves in export markets, for their decision to bring in a liquidator.

Scottish Renewables said the development was "a blow to Scottish manufacturing” and criticised “cuts to and inaction on the feed-in tariff made at Westminster” as well as a “lack of direction for the policies which should sustain a viable market for their products.”

Derek Mackay MSP, said:

“Barely a day goes by without Tory energy and environment policy being called into question.

“The situation at Gaia-Wind is a stark reminder that the Tories are threatening crucial progress on climate change as well as jobs and investment in Scotland’s renewables industry.

“The Tories’ backwards decision to cut subsidies for the renewables sector has hampered growth in a vital industry of the future that experts say will be more cost-effective than nuclear power.

“It is clear that for Scotland to maintain a strong renewables sector, environment and energy policy must be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.”



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