Development at Culloden Battlefield

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Wednesday March 14 2018

Highland Council South Planning Committee - Development at Viewhill Farm, Culloden.

The direction From Highland Council Planning Committee given to the Developer, Kirkwood Homes Ltd of Inverurie was clear ‐ that the Developer submit revised plans.

The expectation was that the Developer would produce designs for entirely different houses which would better blend in with the iconic site that is Culloden Battlefield.

The “revised” plans (11/04653/FUL) submitted by Kirkwood Homes Ltd represent minor changes to the original plans and do not meet the standards of Highland Council planning committee.

The houses shown on the proposal are large‐scale luxury homes which are completely out of keeping with the environment and style characteristics of other smaller, more traditional style existing homes in the area.

These are described by Kirkwood to be part of an intimate and extremely luxurious development of just 16 stunning and spacious 4 and 5 bedroom detached homes.

Kirkwood Ltd made minor changes to facades, not the structure and visual impact of the houses as was directed.

The local geography will ensure these houses will be seen from the surrounding area and, most definitely from the core Battlefield, especially from the Cairn.

Findings by the Historians Council on Culloden indicate:

“The area around Viewhill Farm likely saw heavy casualties toward the end of the Battle.”

Kirkwood Homes have named their luxury housing estate, "Cairnfields".

"Cairn" is an obvious reference to the Cairn monument on the Battlefield.

Choosing to so name a housing development because it offers a view of a Cairn monument dedicated to those who died on Culloden Battlefield is nothing less than mocking Scotland and her History further compounding the disrespect by digging up the ground where battle conflict occurred ‐ thereby destroying and ignoring any battle related remains that have lain there undisturbed since 1746.

Have they considered Culloden Battlefield is a gravesite?

Do they realize that with every shovel full of disturbed soil they are removing evidence of the conflict that occurred on that ground?

This is a matter of National and International importance.

Protect Culloden Battlefield have called upon the developers Kirkwood Homes to justify their appalling disregard for the clear and emphatic opposition of building the houses at Culloden Battlefield by the general public, national and international groups, organizations, well known personalities and the global community of Scottish descendants and supporters of our efforts to Stop the Development at Culloden!

The Group to Stop Development at Culloden calls upon the Planning Committee to again defer a decision on this particular application.

The Committee must recognize that the houses need to be in scale, scope and design with the surrounding farm‐land.

This is no place for a suburban estate.

Highland Council needs to give proper weight to these more important overriding considerations, applicable to an intended development on a historic site deeply embedded in the history of the Nation and have worldwide support to do so.



Twitter: G.S.D.C.@GSDCulloden




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