Plea for Return of Unused Walking Aids

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Tuesday March 13 2018

Members of the public are being asked to look around their house, garage and loft for any crutches, zimmer walking frames or walking sticks that they have been given by the NHS that are now no longer needed.

Anne Boyd-Mackay, rural general hospital manager, is urging people who no longer use this equipment to return them to the hospital.

 She said:

“Walking aids are frequently lent out to patients to use during their rehabilitation but they should be returned to us once they are no longer needed, so that we can give them to other patients who need them.

“We know from previous experience that when patients need to use crutches or other equipment they don’t let it out of their sight but as soon as they’re back on their feet again they forget that they’ve still got these things.

“Some people stumble over them when they’re moving house and some people just never get round to bringing them back.

“If the equipment is returned it can easily be refurbished and lent to someone else who needs it.”

She added:

“I would plead with anyone who has any of our equipment that they no longer need to return them to us.”



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