Continuity Bill

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Tuesday March 13 2018

Scottish Conservatives lodge 147 amendments to SNP's 'wrecking bill'.

The Scottish Conservatives have submitted a total of 147 amendments to the Scottish Government's "farcical" Continuity Bill - as the party steps up the pressure this week for the SNP to dump it altogether.

In total, 231 amendments have been lodged from all parties at the Parliament.

Adam Tomkins (pictured), the party's constitutional spokesman today warns that Holyrood risks being turned into a "laughing stock" if the Bill is allowed to continue on its current schedule.

For example, on Tuesday, MSPs on the Finance Committee face analysing all 231 amendments in just one session - a direct consequence of the SNP's attempt to push the emergency legislation through.

The Scottish Conservatives' 147 amendments is eight more than the number brought forward by the SNP to the European Withdrawal Bill at Westminster.

The party is now urging the SNP to scrap the Bill - and focus instead on crucial discussions with the UK Government to deliver more powers for the Parliament.

It comes as the Prime Minister is due to meet Nicola Sturgeon on Wednesday.

Scottish Conservative constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins said:

"We've already made clear that the SNP's wrecking bill is bad law.

“The fact that parties at Holyrood have had to introduce more than 200 amendments only serves to demonstrate just how flawed it is.

"Farcically, MSPs from all parties will now have just one session on Tuesday to analyse them all before the SNP insists on an immediate vote.

"We are in danger of turning the Scottish Parliament into a laughing stock.

"The best thing for all concerned is for the bill to be dumped altogether.

"The only reason the SNP brought this forward in the first place was because it wanted a dry run for an independence referendum bill.

"Meanwhile, the actual business of the Scottish Parliament has now totally ground to a halt.

"Nicola Sturgeon should dump this pointless and farcical bill now - and get back to the negotiating table to secure a Brexit deal that delivers for us all."



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