David Mundell is Fast Losing Credibility on Brexit

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Wednesday March 7 2018

The excluded Scottish Secretary is found wanting yet again.

Tommy Sheppard MP has said the ‘excluded' Scottish Secretary David Mundell has been found ‘wanting yet again’ on Brexit and his silence on a whole range of issues continues to be ‘deafening and alarming.’

The comments come as Scottish MPs asked David Mundell a series of questions at Westminster this morning on major Brexit issues, including concerns about the Scottish Secretary being excluded from the crucial Brexit Committee, his failure to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill and his spectacular U-turn on membership of the Single Market. 

Tommy Sheppard MP commented:

"David Mundell has been found wanting yet again.

“He is fast losing credibility and authority when it comes to the Tory Brexit chaos and has even been shunned and excluded from Theresa May’s Brexit ‘war cabinet’ – about which he seemed completely unconcerned.

"His silence and inaction on Brexit threats continues to be deafening and alarming.

“He gives absolutely no sense of standing up for Scotland on a whole range of interests as outlined at Scottish Questions this morning at Westminster

"Just after the EU referendum, David Mundell pledged to protect Scotland’s interests and to get the best deal for Scotland - which in his words – ‘involves being part of the Single Market’.

“It’s time he stood by his words and delivered on his promise to the people of Scotland.

"Instead of answers to any of the SNP's questions, there were vacuous generalities without the crucial detail.

“It’s clear that neither David Mundell nor any of the other Tory ministers have any answers when it comes to the biggest political challenge the country faces.

"Remaining in the single market and the customs union is essential for the economy, jobs and living standards of Scotland and the whole of the UK – something even the Tories can no longer deny.”



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