Scotland in Lose Lose Situation With UK Immigration Policy Post Brexit

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Wednesday February 14 2018

Report finds huge challenges for Border Control.

Stuart McDonald MP (pictured) has said that Scotland is now in a ‘lose lose’ situation with a Tory government continuing savage austerity cuts to key services and its fixation with an extreme hard Brexit, at any cost.

The comments come as the Home Affairs Select Committee publish their report into the ‘Home Office delivery of Brexit: Immigration report’ which finds that the UK is ill-equipped to conduct more customs and passport checks post-Brexit.

In another example of the incompetence of Theresa May, both in her previous role as Home Secretary and now as PM, the UK government slashed hundreds of Border Force staff between 2016 and 2017 – in full knowledge of the challenges posed by Brexit.

The report warns of the “inadequate resources” available to the UK Border Force and describes a system “which has not functioned properly for years”.

The select committee report also criticises the UK government for continued delays in bringing forward the Immigration White Paper, which has shrouded EU nationals living in the UK, as well as small and large businesses, with uncertainty.

Commenting, Stuart McDonald MP, said:

“This report makes clear that the Home Office has barely got started on the huge challenges that Brexit will bring – and as we all know it is now twenty months since the referendum. “The UK government’s long-awaited immigration plans are now kicked into the long grass – with all sorts of fundamental questions remaining unanswered.

‘’Scotland needs to attract the workers it needs to grow our economy and our population. “Scotland is in a clear ‘lose lose’ situation – with a UK government fixed on an extreme Brexit and no acknowledgement of Scotland’s needs.

“This is exactly why we need to continue to push for free movement of people and single market membership.

‘’There are serious questions whether UK border agencies have the people and resources necessary to do what will be required of them post Brexit. 

“In short, the UK government is moving towards a hard-extreme Brexit and this is going to make the challenges of border control harder, not easier.’’



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