Scottish Tories Under Pressure to Stop Whingeing and Start Acting on RBS Bank Closures

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Tuesday February 13 2018

Scottish Tory MP's are letting Scotland down by failing to demand action from their own Tory Government.

The SNP has called on Scottish Tory MPs to “stop whingeing and start acting” on RBS bank closures – after the Tory government again refused to do anything to prevent the mass closures.

Following a campaign, led by the SNP with widespread community support, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford held talks with RBS senior management who then announced a reprieve for ten of the most remote bank branches across Scotland.

The SNP welcomed the progress but pledged to continue campaigning to save the remaining 52 under-threat branches.

In a letter, SNP Consumer Affairs spokesperson Patricia Gibson MP has called on the thirteen Scottish Tory MPs to put pressure on their government to intervene, and save the other branches.

The SNP MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, said that Scottish Tory “actions have not matched their words” - with no serious pressure being placed on Theresa May by her Scottish MPs.

The UK government is the majority shareholder of RBS, after taxpayers spent £45 billion bailing out the bank during the financial crisis.

Ian Blackford raised the issue for the fourth time at Prime Ministers Questions, but the Prime Minister yet again ruled out taking action - despite the UK government having previously intervened in RBS.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP (pictured) said:

“The Tory government has the power and responsibility to intervene, and prevent these vital local banks from closing.

“They are letting Scotland down by repeatedly refusing to do anything.

“After huge pressure from the SNP and community campaigners, RBS announced a reprieve for ten branches – but the fight to save the remaining banks continues.

“It is time for the Scottish Tories to stop whingeing and start acting.

“So far, their actions have not matched their words – they complain that banks are being closed but they have failed to put any serious pressure on their own Tory government to act.

“The Tories cannot keep passing the buck – at some point they have to take responsibility.

“These banks are hugely important to communities across Scotland – with local people and businesses set to lose out if the Tory government continues to dismiss their concerns, and let RBS off the hook.

“In the absence of any leadership from the Tories, the SNP will keep up the pressure, and use every avenue we can to get the best outcome for the people of Scotland.”



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