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By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Tuesday February 13 2018

Chancellor must set out what public service cuts will fund Tory Hard Brexit.

The SNP’s Westminster Economy spokesperson has written to the Chancellor asking him to make clear which public services the UK government will cut in order to fund the increased borrowing that will be caused by Brexit.

Leaked figures from the UK government’s Brexit papers reveal that under the three most likely Brexit scenarios based on existing EU arrangements – all will see a dramatic rise in borrowing by the UK government.

Kirsty Blackman MP (pictured) warned that with Cabinet ministers set to make key speeches outlining their Brexit visions – including the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and International Trade Secretary – it would be untenable for the Chancellor not to do the same.

Latest evidence shows that under EEA rules the UK government’s borrowing will rise to £45bn, over £80bn under free-trade arrangements (FTA), and a staggering £120bn under a no-deal hard Brexit.

Kirsty Blackman MP commented:

“As Chancellor, Philip Hammond has one of the most important jobs in Government – and with the hard Brexiteers in the Cabinet lining up to present their own one-sided view of Brexit, it is untenable for the Chancellor of the Exchequer not to tell us how their plans will affect our economy, our jobs and our living standards.

“The leaked figures from the UK government’s own Brexit analysis are utterly staggering, and it’s clear that under any of the likeliest Brexit outcomes, our economy and funding for our public services face a severe hit.

“That is why I have written to the Chancellor asking him to make clear what cuts to frontline services the UK government has explored in order to fund its pursuit for an ideological hard Brexit.

 “Last week, it was revealed that a no-deal scenario could hit Scotland’s GDP by around 9%.

“Now we know from the UK government’s own figures that under the same Brexit outcome, UK borrowing will rocket to an eye-watering £120bn.

“It is unprecedented that we have a UK government pursuing a policy its very own analysis warns will have devastating consequences on the UK’s frontline services and economy.

“It's clear that leaving the EU in any form will increase public sector borrowing and the general public will pay the price.

“People across the UK can no longer be left in the dark over what the impact of Brexit will be on their everyday lives."



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