Labour's Disgraceful Backing for Extreme Brexit

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Thursday February 8 2018

Voters are turning their backs on the party for supporting The Tories.

Labour are set to pay the price as their backing for the Tories’ extreme Brexit is increasingly exposed, and as Labour politicians fail to make the case for single market membership.

The leak of UK Government figures has now corroborated the findings of the Scottish Government’s own analysis on Brexit’s economic impact.

But when challenged today on Good Morning Scotland to explain his party’s position, Labour MP Paul Sweeney gave a shambolic and incoherent display, at one point even claiming, bizarrely, that there was “no such thing” as the European single market.

Commenting, SNP MSP George Adam (pictured) said:

“Labour’s position on Brexit is an utter disgrace – they are aiding and abetting right-wing Tory plans for an extreme Brexit which will do huge damage to the Scottish economy, jobs and living standards.

“That is unforgiveable, and will be seen so by many Labour backers who are now turning their back on the party, as the latest opinion polling shows.

“Paul Sweeney’s shambolic performance this morning – where he even tried to claim there was ‘no such thing’ as the European single market – simply underlined the vacuum at the heart of Labour policy on the biggest single issue facing the country.

“Scottish Labour’s position – in line with that of their London bosses – is utterly bizarre and inexcusable.

“They are doing literally nothing to fight the Tories’ chaotic Brexit plans, even now that we know from the UK Government’s own analysis how much economic damage will be done by a hard Brexit outside the single market. 

“That will only see more and more people across Scotland, including Labour supporters who oppose Brexit, realise just how feeble the party is. 

 “It’s time for both Labour and the Tories to stand up to the hard Brexiteers and put jobs and the economy first.

“And if the only option for Scotland is being dragged out of Europe against our will, with all the massive economic harm that would do, then more and more people will see the value of taking decisions for ourselves in an independent Scotland.”



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