Labours Backing For Tory Brexit Ridiculous and Inexcusable

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Saturday January 13 2018

Scottish Labour’s new Brexit spokesperson has exposed the complete vacuum in his party’s approach to the biggest political challenge facing the country.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Neil Findlay confirmed that he wants Labour to take no position whatsoever in standing up to the Tories on Brexit – chiming with his new leader Richard Leonard’s admission earlier in the week that he is content to go along with Tory plans for a hard Brexit. 

The SNP has slammed Labour’s inertia as “ridiculous and inexcusable” given the risk to Scottish jobs, living standards and the wider economy of being dragged out of the single market. 

Commenting, Holyrood Europe committee member Mairi Gougeon (pictured) MSP said:

“Labour’s say nothing, do nothing approach to Brexit is increasingly ridiculous and inexcusable.

“By sitting on their hands, they’re failing to stand up to the Tories and demonstrating that they’re willing to go along with their disastrous plans for a hard Brexit.

“It beggars belief that any politician claiming to stand for working people can sit idly by as the Tories haul Scotland out of the single market, put jobs at risk, trash workers’ rights and living standards and inflict serious damage upon our economy.

“Labour supporters in particular will be utterly dismayed.

“There’s now little left to set Labour and Tories apart on Brexit.

‘They’ve formed a kamikaze cabal, taking a wrecking ball to Scottish business, our public services and jobs. 

“The SNP’s position meanwhile could not be clearer.

“We will continue to oppose Brexit in principle and practice, and will fight for Scotland’s continued place in the single market.”




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