Lochhead Launches Website in Fight Against Unfair Delivery Charges

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Saturday November 25 2017

People are asked to share their surcharge horror stories following Black Friday.

Richard Lochhead has launched a new campaign website as part of his fight against unfair delivery charges for rural Scotland – highlighting cases where people are charged extortionate fees and calling on people to back his campaign to end the unfairness.

The extortionate charges to people across much of Scotland have brought sustained calls from the Moray MSP for an inquiry into parcel delivery surcharges imposed by many retailers on much of Scotland.

The new website invites people to submit their own horror stories about unfair delivery charges.

Commenting, Richard Lochhead said:

“The often-extreme surcharges are an unjustifiable delivery tax costing customers millions of pounds in extra costs others don’t have to pay.

“There is no consistency in how they are applied – with some retailers offering free delivery or modest surcharges, while others apply eye-watering surcharges for even small items.

“And the idea that much of mainland Scotland does not qualify for ‘mainland UK’ delivery rates is of course utterly ludicrous – and the new campaign website gives people the opportunity to back our efforts to end this unfairness, as well as the chance to share their own horror stories about these rip-off surcharges.

“Some of the cases that have already been highlighted – such as people being promised free delivery until they type in their postcode – show how ridiculous this situation is.

“No doubt there’ll be many more cases emerging from people looking for deals on Black Friday.

“This only strengthens the case for a full inquiry into what is a lottery and discrimination against many Scottish postcode areas and I hope the UK government takes this forward urgently, with more people no doubt facing extortionate delivery costs over Christmas.”


Campaign website available at: http://fairdeliverycharges.scot/



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