Tory Contempt for Democracy Ramps Up

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Wednesday September 13 2017

Westminster Committees are the next target in The Tory Power Grab.

SNP Shadow Leader of the House Pete Wishart MP has said that following the EU Withdrawal Bill power grab, the Tories have now identified their 'next target' at Westminster – and that it is their plan to assume majorities on standing committees and delegated legislation committees of the House of Commons.

This will give the Tories effective free reign on crucial Brexit legislation despite there being no such majority in the House.

Pete Wishart MP has warned the Tories will be guilty of ‘an affront to democracy’ if they proceed with plans to assume a majority of seats on these crucial committees in parliament.

His comments follow the vote in the early hours of Tuesday morning enabling the second reading of the EU Withdrawal Bill, which now gives government ministers a wide range of so-called ' Henry VIII' powers, giving the government of the day the power to completely by-pass the House of Commons.

 Ahead of this evening's debate at Westminster, Pete Wishart MP said:

“What we are seeing is the ramping up of the Great Tory power grab at Westminster.

“Not content with giving itself unprecedented powers with the EU Withdrawal Bill, this government is now trying to manipulate the committees of the House of Commons.

“The government does not command a majority in the House and it should therefore not have a majority on the committees.

 “These committees do their work very much out of the spotlight but it is where important scrutiny of legislation and government plans are conducted.

“As a result of the Tories’ reckless June election - this is now a parliament of minorities and the arrangements of the House of Commons must be structured to reflect that.

“It is really very worrying that the Tories are now demonstrating total contempt for democracy and are prepared to blatantly ignore and circumvent the democratic verdict of this country.

“This is a government that has failed to respect its position as a minority administration and is increasingly behaving like some tin pot Parliamentary dictatorship.”



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