Midnight Railroading of The EU Bill

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Tuesday September 12 2017

The SNP have criticised the midnight railroading of The EU Bill, but they have welcomed Labour’s shift in position.

The SNP’s International Affairs spokesperson has said that tonight’s midnight railroading of the EU Bill by the UK government marks a “dark day for devolution and democracy,” but welcomed Labour’s shift in position towards backing the SNP's long-standing stance on the UK's plans to leave the EU.

Stephen Gethins MP has now called for cross-party co-operation at committee stage to drive forward a new approach to seek the best possible legislation and deal for the UK’s exit from the EU.

The UK government’s EU Withdrawal Bill passed its second reading in parliament with 326 MPs voting in favour, and with 290 MPs, including SNP MPs, voting against the passing of the Bill.

Stephen Gethins MP commented:

“The passing of the Bill to the committee stage this evening marks a dark day for devolution and democracy in the UK, and another step closer towards the damaging impact the Tory government’s Brexit strategy – or lack of – will have on the UK’s economy, jobs and living standards.

“Despite the disappointment, I am pleased to see Labour’s shift in stance towards backing the SNP’s long-standing position on the importance of securing the best possible legislation and deal, and the dangers if opposition parties remain divided in their approach in holding this Tory government to account.

“This is echoed by yesterday's welcome comments by Jeremy Corbyn on seeking a deal whereby the UK stays in the Single Market.

“The challenge now is for MPs across the Chamber to unite behind a common purpose in ensuring that this UK government is prevented from railroading further Brexit legislation through that risks the very foundations of devolution.”



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