Challenge to Ruth to Keep Promise on Single Market

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Sunday September 10 2017

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP has called on Ruth Davidson to keep her previous commitments to scupper Theresa May’s hard Brexit and order her 12 backbench Tory MPs to vote for the UK’s membership of the Single Market

In an interview this week, the Scottish Conservative Leader said she feared Brexit would be an “economic hit, we don’t bounce back from.”.

It follows reports in June that Ruth Davidson “vowed to scupper Theresa May’s hard Brexit” warning the Prime Minister that her blueprint needs to be “reopened.”

The Scottish Tory leader said she wanted to prioritise the economy and free trade in the upcoming EU negotiations, and that restricting immigration would not be a key focus.

She has also vowed her 13 MPs would vote “entirely as they believe that they should.”

The Fraser of Allander Institute estimated Scotland could lose between 30,000 and 80,000 jobs as a result of Brexit.

Prof Graeme Roy, director of the Strathclyde University institute, said the "detailed assessment" had found Brexit was likely to have "a significant negative impact on the Scottish economy."

Ian Blackford MP said:

“Ruth Davidson has admitted that her biggest fear is the potential economic hit with Brexit, and that we won’t 'bounce back'.

“She now needs to keep to her word that her new Tory MPs will stand up against Theresa May’s plans for a hard Brexit and do all they can to help keep us in the Single Market.

“It follows comments from the Scottish Conservative Leader in June, when she called for an “open Brexit” which prioritises free trade over curbing immigration.

“As we approach crucial votes in the House of Commons, it is inconceivable that Ms Davidson could order her parliamentarians to vote for something which she herself has warned will cause irreparable economic damage.

“Ruth Davidson is often fond of boasting that she will not just do whatever her Westminster bosses tell her to do – but the reality is on issue after issue, she does exactly that.

“It’s time for the Scottish Tories to stand up and be counted.

“Every elected Scottish MP will have a crucial role in either granting this Tory government a pass to simply do as it pleases, or stand with SNP MPs in the lobby and get the best deal possible, which includes keeping Scotland in the Single Market.”



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