Multi-agency partnership to monitor weather across the Highlands

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Wednesday September 3 2014

A multi-agency partnership to monitor the effects of the heavy rainfall and high winds has been established following the severe weather conditions that have affected the Highland region.

The amber weather alert (be prepared) issued by the Met Office has now been scaled down to a yellow weather alert (be aware) and is not expected to worsen, however there is likely to be wet and windy conditions for the next few days. Further details can be found on the Met Office website -

Following reports of localised flooding, accumulations of surface water and fallen trees and branches on roads across various areas, road users are advised that if there is a requirement to travel, Police Scotland would advise that members of the public take extra care and moderate their speed and drive according to the conditions. The use of headlights is recommended and, where possible, road users are asked to avoid known affected areas.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crews have attended over 50 incidents in the Highlands, many of which involved people being stranded after attempting to drive through flooded sections of road.

Flood water can mask damage to the road, resulting in hidden hazards and even a few inches of fast-flowing water can be powerful enough to knock someone off their feet or leave a car unable to proceed.

Police Scotland, Highland Council and Bear Scotland have ensured that appropriate signage and warnings are in place across the regions roads.  

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