Young Photographers Given Chance to Focus on Careers

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Friday September 14 2018

Pictured: Sarah Baxter, programme manager for DYW Moray. Picture By: Chit Chat PR & Digital.

Young people with a passion for a picture are being encouraged to sign up for free photography course.

DYW Moray has teamed up with a local photographer to offer the workshop and the pictures produced could end up being used in the organisation’s Moray-wide campaigns.

The course which kicks off on September 21 is open to 15-24-year-olds who have an interest in photography.

The 12 young people will be guided by professional photographer Gary Murison through four training sessions and they will also have to undertake workplace visits allowing them to focus on the different careers available in the region.

Sarah Baxter, manager for DYW Moray explained:

“We are delighted to be working alongside Gary who has a wealth of experience in photography.

“Our remit is to nurture links between young people looking for work and employers looking for dynamic young workers and this hands-on project fits the bill.”

DYW Moray engages with employers from several industry sectors which include IT and creative, early education and childcare, health and social care, construction, engineering, food drink and tourism, and land-based industries.

Sarah said the photography course will provide the young people with practical photography skills but added they will also have to accompany their work with a written article.

“The objective of the course is to produce pictures that depict a job or workplace in Moray. “We will assist the participants with gaining access to various workplaces and one of the outcomes for the young people may be that we use the pictures in our marketing and advertising campaigns.

“Also, as they will be visiting different workplaces it will give them an insight into what is available for work across the region.

“One of DYW Moray’s challenges is getting it out there that there are great jobs and career paths to be had in Moray and part of our role is to make that known and encourage young people to stay within the region.

“However, as well as taking the pictures, they will also learn how to interview and then write an article to accompany the pictures which will help with many skills such as confidence and communication.”

Gary Murison said that whilst the course was centred on improving photography skills, there were many more benefits too:

“The course experience will be run in a person-centred manner, encouraging participants to assess, plan, implement and evaluate a workplace experience, chosen by them.

“The process enables and supports each to make objective and subjective evaluations of the workplace.

“They will visit their chosen workplace, ask questions, and take photos to depict the working environment.”

He added:

“The course is geared towards making people more informed about career opportunities around Moray, building connections with potential employers and supporting individuals to be more prepared for what is involved in the workplaces.”

To book a place on the course which starts on September 21 contact Aimee Stephen on or call 01343 610388.



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