UK Government Starting to Feel The Pressure!

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Friday September 8 2017

UK Government caves in to SNP pressure over devolved administrations Brexit meetings.

The UK government has caved to SNP pressure and agreed to hold a Joint Ministerial Meeting, however the party has said the concession does not go far enough.

Ian Blackford MP has welcomed the UK government’s step down following pressure over the involvement of the devolved administrations in Brexit negotiations, but warns that the UK government has not gone far enough without a confirmed date and details.

The SNP Westminster leader received a letter from Damian Green, the First Secretary of State, which stated that the UK government plans to reconvene the Joint Ministerial Committee “in the autumn to review progress of these discussions, as well as continue the important engagement on the negotiations.”

Ian Blackford MP said:

“The UK government’s concession after months of SNP pressure is welcome, however it does not go far enough – we need a date confirmed as soon as possible to ensure the devolved administrations are not left at the sidelines as the UK government negotiates on leaving the European Union.

“After seven months without a single meeting with ministers from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it cannot be the case that the UK government simply railroads through parliament its flawed EU Withdrawal Bill without consulting devolved administrations, and only offering a distant undisclosed date for discussions.

"The climb-down simply does not go far enough.

“If the UK government genuinely seeks a UK-wide approach they must immediately offer clarity and a timetable for JMC meetings to reconvene."



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