Public Image Limited @ The Ironworks, Inverness

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Wednesday August 29 2018

Tuesday 28th August, were we entertained, yes, we most certainly were.

What a show, Public Image Limited playing live on stage at The Ironworks, Inverness on a Tuesday night, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this was something that would happen.

Punk royalty playing to a packed crowd, what’s not to like.

Full credit to The Ironworks for the quality of the acts that they are bringing to the highlands for us to enjoy.

Take a well-deserved bow for putting this on.

Are they all a bit older, yes, they are, was the audience a bit older, yes it was, did we pogo, yes, we did, did Mr Lydon and co put on a show, the answer to that is yes and then some.

The energy in the room was palatable, the place was buzzing and jumping.

The band, boy what a band, the quality on show was frankly quite amazing, the base beat, the drumming, the guitar man ship, the singing, wow, we were blown away by the quality of what we were seeing.

Was anger an energy, for a wee while last night it was, was there a love song, the love of what we were seeing last night certainly made it so, did we rise to the occasion, hell yea.

From a humble fan a very big thank you to John Lydon, Lu Edmonds, Bruce Smith and Scott Firth, what a great show you put on for us and thank you very much for entertaining us.



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