Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ are Ready to 'Achieve the Extraordinary' in 2018!

By Reporter, The HighLand Times, Thursday March 8 2018

Pictured are pupils from Thurso High School.

In just three weeks the 2018 Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ tour will arrive at Eden Court Theatre and twenty-two local schools will take to the stage in what are sure to be three incredible evenings of entertainment.

 The Rock Challenge® events aim to inspire, engage and motivate young people to make healthy and positive lifestyle choices and from Monday 26th March Eden Court Theatre will be taken over by more than 1500 students as they rise to the challenge for another year.

 The Rock Challenge® is an excellent opportunity for young people to perform live on a professional stage.

This experience encourages an adrenalin-based high gained through performing, rather than using tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

 Teams of around 20 to 135 students, will have up to eight minutes to perform their chosen theme to an audience made up of family, friends, VIPs, sponsors and a panel of industry professionals.

Each year we see a variety of themes, from the tackling of current social issues to the retelling of real-life events or fictional pieces, with every aspect of the performance devised, designed and created by the students.

 Supervising Event Manager, Sophia Campbell, is looking forward to another brilliant year of Rock Challenge® and J Rock™:

“Every school puts so much effort into their Rock Challenge® performance, the dedication from students and staff alike is fantastic to see!

“For many, Rock Challenge® is the highlight of the school year; I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!”

Involving more than 320 schools across the country this year’s UK Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ tour is expected to reach 20,000 young people between the ages of 7 and 18 years old and upwards of 38,000 audience members.

With Rock Challenge® reaching its 23rd year in the UK in 2018, Be Your Best Foundation Chair, Mervyn Bishop MBE is looking forward to seeing the 2018 events take place across the UK: "Rock Challenge® and J Rock™ positively impacts the lives of thousands of young people every year.

They are inspired to strive for a healthy lifestyle and drug free high through performing, not to mention the social, team building and creative benefits the initiative provides.

“I am honoured to be involved with this fantastic event once again."



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